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I made some icons out of some Final Fantasy 9 sprites I found. I might get around to making sprite icons from from the other Final Fantasy Titles.


Gradients By Raeshena

Download @ deviantART.com

25 gradients in .PSPgradient, .grd, and .png formats (100x100).

*Do not claim as your own, and do not hotlink.
raeshena  octazooka  or raeshena@deviantart.com is loved.
These are just some icons I made, so I could test out a new kind of colouring.



I made this icon for myself, and thought if anyone else wants one, they're more than welcome to ask. All I need is the name you want displayed, your lj name, and if you want it tagged or not. 'Tagging' is when I include your lj username on the icon. Usually people do this if they want their name on the icon, instead of a screen name, and don't want someone to steal their icon. When requesting, keep display names short, or it won't fit.

These will be open as long as I be bothered to make them.

Please give credit to raeshena , or octazooka 

Icon background from ladystardust_xs 
I love the shirts at T-Shirt Hell.com, so I decided to crop them to make icons. Some of these might not be safe doe work (sexual in nature)


Various Pokemon icons.

All of these icons can be used as bases, EXCEPT numbers 6, 9, and 10.

Just some icons I threw together before Valentine's Day '07.


Just some icons to show your love for your Nintendo DS.



This is a list of all of the people who's graphics I've used/have on my computer which help me create my icons. I will constantly be adding to this list. If you've not been credited, but feel you should be just send me a message explaining why. Sometimes I forget where I got something from, or I lose the person's name. I apologise for this, and will make it right if you mention it :)

realcdaae   , briarrose_icons   , 100x100_brushes   , icon_extras   , rxyangl   , meleada  , 
_heckyes05  , fraoch_icons  , six_crazy_guys  , ajneri  , auctrix_icons  , cdg  ,
 fluffypink_lana  , ravenclawwit  , scarsonchest  , scrapbookart  , slut_doll  , 
spiritcoda  , tei_x  , tragic_icons  , unmasked_icons  , wonderland__  , angelfish_icons  , ladystardust_xs